Yes, Yes, Yes!

All you have to know when you go to the voting booth is to choose three ‘Yes’ positions.

When I think of the first question on the ballot: changing the 6.25% to 3%, I am thinking what is good for Newburyport.     The Commonwealth is so bloated with departments and regulations.        They, of course, will cut anything to make us squeal but the temporary pain will subside as reality begins to set in.       I know from looking at the State there are departments and programs that work night and day to defeat the affects of another State department.       I guess the rule is, “Let’s find something to spend all this money on or we won’t be justified to keep it.”

Just like years ago, they will rationalize how to ignore this question but it will send a strong message,

“Live within your means!”

I look at England with its 17.5% value-added tax and know that there is no stopping tax-and-spend politicians.    You would think that someone would have said in the United Kingdom, “Enough already?”.        They probably started off with a 5% VAT and it worked from there.       Incrementalism works great if you want to destroy an historic district by demolishing one house at a time.    It works great in devouring a conservation area like the Common Pasture with one small development at a time.    It must work equally well when imposing tariffs on the public.

As for the second question on the 40B law, I have more to say tomorrow but basically the object is to replace this stinker that has so devastated the equilibrium of our landscape and quality of life.       Sometimes the most destructive inventions are done by a “do-gooder” who with all good intentions wanted to resolve a problem in society.      That is how we got dynamite and machine guns.       Created by do-gooders who thought they would make war so terrible everyone would sue for peace.     How’s that working for all of us?

The third question is a no-brainer.       By devastating our liquor retail industry, we end up benefiting our neighbors to the north.       Taxes are punitive in nature and should be designed to inhibit behavior and drive the populace to an alternative.      Sending them north is hardly a positive benefit for Newburyport!

Finally, it is important not to get negative.       You start thinking how bad this tax increase is and you want to shout out, “No!”     You think how much damage the 40B law has inflicted and you want to say “Never” and then you want to think about the last question and you want to shout, “Stop this stupidity”.        After grousing about, you instinctively reach for the voting ticket and start marking, “No, No and No”.       What you end up is opposite of what you want.

Don’t fall for that mistake.

Be Positive!    

Yes, Yes, Yes!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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