The Face of Evil

If there is one thing that is disruptive to the very core of the Commonwealth, it is the 40B law.

  • If you are an environmentalist, you must fight this law.
  • If you are a green energy advocate, you must fight this law.
  • If you are a safety advocate, you must fight this law.
  • If you are a social liberal, you must fight this law.
  • If you are an historic preservationist, you must fight this law.

Even those who are trying to champion the 40B Law, know its a stinker.     All the while it is in force, they spend days, months and years to do everything to defeat the affects of its regulations.        These big government advocates love the business of doing: getting funds and working hard to counter-act the destructive nature of this law they themselves dread.

Environmentalists have worked hard over the years to impose stiff regulations to prevent the harmful affects of over-building and to protect wildlife areas.       Developers by claiming the 40B exemption, can often simply sweep those restrictions away.

Green energy advocates have worked hard in communities to reduce our carbon footprint.     Developers by claiming the 40B exemption can bring in materials from far away and laborers trucked in from unknown parts – resulting in imbued energy and reduction of waste thrown out the window.

What about safety?   I documented recently that two large 40B projects caught on fire in the last few years and a reader posted that another had done so too.      40B developers are theoretically suppose to uphold to the building codes but because of their already held exemptions, they are rarely pushed making these developments highly suspect.

Social liberals are all about community diversity.     But these 40B developers who are supposed to set aside a section of their buildings for ‘affordable’ have lobbied the State House and now they are either exempt and have imposed sunset restrictions so those affordable units can convert back into full price!      Social liberals need to fight injustice not spend all their times trying to defeat 40B’s affects.       These liberals are being played like a song!

Historic preservationists are dedicated to preserving priceless homes.    But 40B developers can disregard zoning or restrictions and destroy historic neighborhoods at their will.       Historic districts are already wonderful breeding grounds for diversity and affordable housing.    The rich, the middle class and the poor rub shoulders in such an area.   Local historic districts can prevent the enlargement and bloating of homes preventing them from being priced high.

Let’s get rid of this evil thing and allow a more reasonable development stance that saves neighborhoods, protects the environment and actually provides reasonable opportunities for all.

Be sure to vote ‘Yes’ on the repeal tomorrow.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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