The Drudgery Continues…

Alas, I guess it will have to be more of the usual.      The constant fighting over the 40B law, the threats by developers, the perpetual work of the Mayor and the Planning Office and the Planning Board to minimize damage to our City.   And the ever present hope, contrary to the desire for better times, that the poor economy will keep at bay the negative affects of this Massachusetts General Law.

Unfortunately, Newburyporters who are smug in their consolation that they will be spared, at least in the present, from such a threat; need to look no farther than just beyond Low Street.       There is presently an appeal to build in wetland properties, a large development that would cover a portion of the Woodman Farm.      The very area that has been a perpetual resource for devastating floods and which will be further aggravated by the adding of a large impervious surface of the capped landfill.

Strangely, though the appeals court judge early this year indicated a decision would be made within 84 days; there has been no word.    I checked with the Mayor’s office and with the Planning Office.      Silence.

Who knows what behind the scene negotiations are being done.

Joe Teixeira, the ConCom chair has assured me that current modifications in the Wetlands Act will make this development, even under a 40B, a non-starter.  I still am not so sure when I have seen regulations swept aside in this State over a 40B development.      Regulations worked on for years by conservationists and environmentalists.

The voters yet may regret allowing this stinker to keep on smelling!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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