Your children’s children perhaps will see it!

Well, James Build-buildings-to-the-boardwalk Shanley is at it again on the NRA.      They, as a group, are truly determined to get no where.     And after reading the comments by Mr. Shanley yesterday, it is clear that he has officially abandoned the desire to be Mayor in the future.     When he goes on driveling about constructing buildings, any opponent need only to produce this picture to destroy Shanley’s campaign.       

                                                                                                            Waterfront ‘park’

The Daily News article didn’t mention how much those buildings will cost which will be tens of millions of dollars.     What bank is going to give the money to have them built?     Who is going to hold the mortgage?      The City? (i.e. the taxpayer!)     The City becomes a large landlord?      Or perhaps, they sell the land piecemeal to developers who then have to convince the bank to fork over a lot of money for buildings that even the local wino will probably be scrutinizing their every beam?      Buildings that will cause nothing but rancor as Lot 8 created for decades before it had Market Landing put in its place.

Mr. Shanley complains about the HIGH cost of maintaining a public park.      Can you imagine the Atkinson Common Commission throwing in the towel and say, “Enough already!   Let’s bulldoze these flowers and put up some buildings.”      Karp, who has the experience from other communities knows the property values of his buildings will go up the closer they are to the central waterfront park.     He won’t be pleased that his equity becomes severely reduced and he has to compete against other developers with their City-backed new buildings!

Again, the Mayor has been given this silly FEMA flood map excuse but the reality is that no attempt has been made to pursue Brownfields cleanup of the contaminated open waterfront.      Not necessary if it’s only going to be a pretty parking lot.     Not necessary if buildings will be constructed there.     The future developers will take care of any such liability.

And it is not likely the present-Mayor is going to emerge from some future NRA meeting and say, “What was I thinking?    Of course, we’ll build buildings on the central waterfront!”     Not if she wants to get re-elected.

So, first comes the fighting over the parking plan.     Then comes endless meetings and new plans for the waterfront.    Then comes the Mayor’s re-election campaign in which she touts her stand on an open waterfront and in which her parking plan is counting on those parking places to be there.      Then comes the wrangling over if the parking plan is working or not for many years and finally comes the fighting over the parking garage…and so on…

History really does repeat itself.    

-P. Preservationist


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