Marriage Counseling Tonight

The Newburyport Historical Commission will be reviewing a demolition application tonight.

For an historic preservationist, it’s easy – reject the application, period.

But to achieve real preservation, it is not so easy.

They could just leave the house empty for a year and tear it down.

They could leave it to the elements, damage the home and then tear it down.

The tougher part will be to persuade ignorant, dull-witted developers who have no experience with priceless historic buildings that it is worth preserving the building, renovating it and getting a much higher price because it is in the historic district.     

These people aren’t even interested in ‘flipping’ the house.    Flipping is buying dirt cheap, renovate it with cheap materials and then sell it at a good price.     They don’t even understand the quality of life value of a beautiful historic home in a beautiful historic seaport.

Why should they?    They’re from Chelmsford!

It is going to be interesting to see the commissioners dealing in the tougher task of diplomatic persuasion.

It is not an easy task and so much is at stake.

Fail in this counseling and you get more than a divorce.      You lose a priceless home that could have yielded top dollar in property value and a healthy assessment in City taxes.     It also means another nail in the coffin of our Newburyport Historic District.

The task will be easier if a goodly amount of historic preservationists show up to lend support.

Please be there at 7:30, City Council Chambers, tonight.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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