So Ugly…

Newburyport makes its money off aesthetics.       Period.

Getting people in our City to understand this is the real challenge and quite consuming in time.      There are tone deaf people, there are color blind people and unfortunately, we have aesthetically-incapable people walking around Newburyport.

It sometimes makes me wonder what initially attracted them.     It couldn’t be our beauty.     They have no concept of it.    Was it all the busy commerce in town or, did they just happen to be working in town?     Did they move here because of family?       It’s certainly cheaper if they lived somewhere else.         Why are they here?

Fortunately, for the rest of us; we recognize that it is our bread and butter.

In this atmosphere, there will eventually come along the prospect of a parking garage.      And the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVRTA) will be in charge of the parking garage construction.   

So, it stands to reason that we need to see what buildings they have built in other cities.     Well, I saw the one in Lawrence just a week or so ago.       It is a combination bus station and parking garage.    Perfect, I said.    Let’s see how they built it.

There I stood in perfect horror.      I actually walked around the entire complex in utter disbelief.        It is soooo ugly!    You can not see in this picture the corrugated sheeting that suffices as the walls of the building or the gaping hole where the buses idle.

I noticed that the one in Lowell which is a combination garage, train station and bus station is soooo ugly.      I noticed the one in Worcester is soooo ugly.       Do you see a pattern here?

This garage will never come to Newburyport unless a decent, historically-sensitive architect works with the MVRTA.    

It is clear that this organization is totally incapable  of building an integrated structure into our downtown.

The public outcry would be deafening if we leave them to their own devices.

Mayor Holaday needs to direct our Planning Director, Andrew Port, to start working with these bus people NOW!      If we can head them off from their own destructive habits, we might actually see a garage built in town!

I can picture it now.     A hearing is posted in the Daily News for a meeting in the City Hall Auditorium.     The room fills up with the public and then the spokesperson gets up and starts proudly showing what they have in mind.      I can just picture people standing up and shouting at the horrible drawings.       I can see the Mayor hastily calling for an officer to attend as the crowd gets ugly.

All this could be avoided if the City makes it clear that the garage must blend in.     It’s been done all over the country.   It is not hard to do.       The MVRTA wants a garage here and to foist an ugly structure on us will only defeat their own goals as the public outcry grows!

All I ask is that we stop them from hurting themselves and us!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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