Money, Money, Money

Politics involves a lot of misrepresentation of the truth and a whole lot of gushy sentimentality.

You thought I was going to say money but that’s the goal not the means.

Did you notice how quick the Massachusetts Highway Department jumped on the bicycle path?     Years ago, if such a thing had been suggested, there would have been smirks from the spokesman and a clear message, “Forget about it.   That’s a waste of money.”

The Federal Interstate Highway Administration has earmarked a lot of cash dedicated to bike paths.    Who do you think paid for the Clipper City Rail Trail?   We did?    All we paid for were a few park benches and signage.   For the majority of the project, we tapped into that special fund.  It may sound cynical but the reality is, the builders of the new bridge saw eight million dollars being loosened up and heading their way.   

It’s all about the money.

Unfortunately, there are no special earmarks for quality of life issues.      Councilor O’Brien and Dan McCarthy are championing the abutters to this Indy 500 (8 lanes!) to get some extended sound barriers.      These aren’t even constructed in any complicated fashion.    They’re concrete walls for heaven sake.      

Fortunately, according to regulations; the builders must mitigate the impact that this new expanded bridge will subject to the local community and economy.       They need to demonstrate they have minimized the disruption caused by their new speedway.

Giving peace of mind for homeowners that lasts for months and years is well worth the effort and the expense!

This issue should not be a Ward 6 concern, it should be taken up by the City, the Mayor and the Planning Office.    

People need to be reminded that one of the chief issues in the preservation of the Common Pasture and the Little River Basin was so sound-dampening forests would be between Route 95 and the peaceful homes of Newburyport.     We fought to keep our quality of life intact.

Remember the Crow Lane Landfill?    For several years, the problems were over the ridge and behind the trees.      A great number of people said, “That’s not our problem.”     It didn’t take long before it became ALL the Cities concern.    The whole community needs to understand that one sector of our City that loses its quality of life will eventually affect the rest of us.    

Councilor Tom O’Brien and Dan McCarthy need to keep at this thing and get all the parties involved and I for one will make sure everyone is kept abreast.

It’s that important.

-P. Preservationist


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