LHD’s sell your home

In real estate, the very first step in selling your home is called, ‘improving your curb appeal’.

You have to impress the potential buyer enough that they want to enter your home.      The outward appearance has to look good, be attractive and be in good repair.     A sharp exterior is sending out a subconscious message that the interior must be just as nice.

Local Historic Districts are all about the exterior of the historic home.      The goal is not to just preserve the historic neighborhood but to improve it.      “Improving Curb Appeal” is the business of a local historic district commission.    By adding to the consistency of the neighborhood, the overall streetscape and ensuring authentic materials are used on the exterior, the homes can sell themselves.     

What are some great items to ‘reduce’ the attractiveness of your home?

A damaged or rotting fence.

A worn or damaged front porch.

A poorly maintained yard.

A hazardous and dangerous sidewalk.

Damaged storm drains and abysmal windows.

All of these signal that what is in the inside probably matches the outside.

John McCarthy, Rowley Realty wrote in the The Town Common, Nov 24th to 30th, http://www.thetowncommon.com/ how much this curb appeal is crucial for selling your home even in the winter.      

As I have repeatedly mentioned, appraisers also factor in not just the outside appearance of the house but also the condition of the neighborhood and the streetscape.       The difference in valuation can be dramatic.

Historic homes need to have historic windows, historic siding (Nothing like vinyl to signal ‘rental’ property), brick sidewalks and neat, sharp fencing, clean porches and well-maintained yards.

Whether selling a home or seeking an equity loan or just improving your real estate investment, curb appeal is vital.     The exterior care of an historic home in the Newburyport Historic District guarantees maximum valuation.     

When the City adopts a local historic district ordinance, the curb appeal will be not only maintained but improved upon, increasing property values, tax assessments and making the home more saleable.     

Curb appeal will be our greatest treasure!

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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