Enjoying Newburyport

I was reading a fascinating article in NorthShore Life Magazine about the blog, “Good Morning, Gloucester” (An allusion obviously to ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’)     Contrary to its insinuation, this site is very exciting and upbeat.      I mean, Gloucester does nothing for me.     It’s home to a dying industry.    It’s infrastructure is deplorable and sagging, and it will never be a ‘Walking Town’.     But it’s ugly buildings contrasts sharply with its breathtaking harbor and drop-dead beaches.     And it has ROCKS!      Along with Rockport, you’ll never hear the US Corps of Engineers trying to save these shores.  (Which only makes me more green with envy.)

But when you get on this blog, all you feel is vibrancy.      You pick up that this town is full of things to do.      Who knew!?!

Fortunately, we have a similar site here in Newburyport. (No, not mine)      You want to catch the excitement, find out what’s the latest art and music scene, find out about all the exciting persons who call Newburyport home?   Visit Newburyport Today.   

Believe it or not (thankfully), most people come to this City to thoroughly and richly enjoy all that it offers.     Most people are more in tune with Tom Salemi’s Blog rather than a hard-hitting activist site like mine.     While I’m out tripping and cursing on the broken sidewalks, the rest are tipping another glass of fine wine and enjoying a tasty meal at our many restaurants.  They’re out having a great time with family and friends.   They’re exploring the shops, cheering on our sports teams and attending art classes and music concerts.      And when the weather is fine and warm, their out there on the boats, or walking our streets and trails.      While I am grumbling on our community’s inadequacies and seeking support and ways to resolve them; most are just happy to live in such a beautiful place and participating enough to make sure the house, the schools and city services are kept up at least sufficiently.

In fact, most visitors come here and you know what they are thinking,

“Man, I could enjoy this place.     Everything is so convenient and the cool views and the nice neighborhoods so near the fine shops and restaurants.     I’d love to move here!”    

And they do.

There is nothing wrong in pursuing such an upbeat way of life.        

Having so many enjoying Newburyport just makes me more motivated in jealously guarding what we have!    

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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4 Responses to Enjoying Newburyport

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  2. shaci says:

    you couldn’t be more wrong about gloucester! it’s a great town to live in, plenty of shops, the schools are wonderful and the people are all so nice! i’ve been to newburyport many times…give me gloucester anyday!

  3. Lin Chandler says:

    Clearly Mr. P.Preservationist’s commentary is from an outside perspective. I have only lived here 6 years and have already decided that Gloucester will be my home from now on. The warm wonderful people here welcome you and help you get involved in the goings on….the folks that will trade services with you….and accept you as you are. The huge variety of services and offerings here fill my life quite completely. So, while I will agree that there are many beautiful towns and communities that are wonderful to visit…I am always grateful to be back over the bridge and heading for my home here in Gloucester.

  4. Paula O'Brien says:

    I don’t live in Gloucester, but I wish I did. Everytime I visit there I feel like I’m home… very strange. I’ve never lived there. I’m so greatful to Good Morning Gloucester because I can continue to feel connected to such a wonderful place!

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