Great news about Clipper City Rail Trail, Phase II

I saw for tomorrow night that the City Councilors will be approving an easement with the Coast Guard.       This will pave the way for the Clipper City Rail Trail to have access through their property so the ever-popular path will be able to extend all the way to where it starts near Michael’s Harborside.

This approval will also make it possible for the Planning Office to have the authority to negotiate further easements with National Grid and New England Development.

This will be included, nonplus, with the consent package so there will be no need to speak in favor of it.    Unless, of course, some City Councilor filled with political, suicidal tendencies; wants it yanked for discussion.

Nonplus or no, it is a BIG DEAL for the City.      As the Lighthouse Preservation Society can attest, the U.S. Coast Guard Station takes its homeland security responsibilities very seriously*.      So seriously to the point that it becomes ridiculous.      All the LPS has ever wanted was a fenced walkway over to the small lighthouse that is on the Coast Guard’s property.      True to their bureacratic lunacy and security paranoia, they have refused.        

So to have the City able to strike a deal for this easement allowing for threatening things like baby carriages, bicyclists, joggers, and wild-eyed pedestrians is really something!

-P. Preservationist

* Thanks to The Curse, a doubt any terrorist bomber could even find the Coast Guard Station let alone threaten it!


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