Blood-sucking news

There I was recovering briefly at the snack table at the Red Cross blood drive.      I don’t know about you, but I look forward to sitting at this table as a form of a ‘reward’ for giving blood.     I don’t buy as a rule cookies and snacks and bags of chips – the problem being that no matter how large the bag, it is always a single serving size.      So I especially relish this moment.   

Until a fellow Newburyporter ruined my day!

Having a polite conversation, we talked about the City and how her property values had gone up 300%.       Of course, I didn’t interrogate and find out how long a time before this spiraling increase occurred.       But she did say that she went to the assessor’s office and found out that the property values were based on a comparison with Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Now if this is true, we’ve got a problem.         

When I first moved into Newburyport, the City had a huge senior population.      It still has a huge senior population.      The difference has been that most of them were below the poverty line.      Now, a growing sector of seniors are way above the poverty line.     But regardless if you are young or old, well-to-do or just plain wealthy; most of the money that has come to Newburyport is, what is called commonly, NEW MONEY.       

Areas like Beverly Farms (of which Beverly Hills is named after), Hamilton, Wenham and Manchester-by-the-Sea is the abode of OLD MONEY.      There is not much to see in these towns because they put up huge hedges and gates which hide very-well endowed families.       But if you get out of your car, you can feel the wealth.        Massive bank accounts and expansive investment pools and crusty-old foundations and trusts.      This is where the wealthy go to die.

Newburyport is hardly anything like this.      Yes, we’re beautiful and yes, there is a lingering feel of wealth in our old mansions but decay and weariness are everywhere.   It takes huge bucks to keep these places sparkling all the time.      And finally, with what wealth we have attained, we have thankfully thrown off the snootiness and arrogant class structure that so plagued John Marquand and Bossy Gillis.      

The comparison is hardly even close to similar.      I hope this is not true.     I’ll be looking into it further but if anyone out there is better-connected, would you please query further?    Let everyone report back the FACTS.

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to Blood-sucking news

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    I don’t know about Newburyport property values increasing 300 percent, but I can say the city charges about $1 million less in fees than regional comparable communities — which causes the city to rely more on property taxes for funding of the General Fund than those other communities.

    This fact was highlighted in the 2008 School Committee Revenue Taskforce report.

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