Way to go Newburyport!

My wife and I decided to hit the Eastern Marsh Rail Trail over in Salisbury.     We put on our walking shoes and since it was so warm today, the minimal in warm-weather gear.

Ugh, the Trail, even though it had all these trail sponsor posts along its length, hadn’t been plowed.      Pretty soon our shoes were soaked, we slipped and fell a couple of times and yet, I must tip my hand to the locals, the Trail was busy.

Meanwhile, over in Newburyport, the Clipper City Rail Trail was busy as ever and was wonderfully plowed.       Our Department of Public Safety (I assume) did a fantastic job in making sure the trail was clear and open.      And contrary to all the detractors who for years said these trails would remain empty for most of the year; they were found out as being plain wrong!

And then, what to my shock!     The yet, undeveloped Clipper City Rail Trail that runs from the Train Station up past Parker Street through the quarry to March’s Hill was not only plowed, it was expertly plowed.        I saw people walking home from the trains, people jogging, walking and taking their dogs for a run – almost as busy as the developed part!

So, who do we thank?      A dedicated DPS?    Some conscientious volunteer from the Coastal Trails group?    A local farmer?    

Whoever did it didn’t leave a marker or a signpost.       It is so frustrating.    

I just hope that whoever did this wonderful thing will see my big THANK YOU on my blog.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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