Being called names.

Tom Salemi seems to have a problem with me using names to describe certain people.       I also disagree with him on my being anonymous.     It certainly didn’t stop Primary Colors from being a top seller.        As I’ve said before, I want people to work on finding out who I am so they are forced to be immersed in all things Newburyport.       It’s a good thing!

I do agree on his third criticism: the format of my site.       Thanks to being kicked out on the street by Microsoft, I now have an independent website.     And already I am using my own website to do fast and speedy research.    It’s a joy.    And no, I am not giving kudos to for forcing me to do it.

But names mean things.     It’s one thing to be inaccurate in your labeling.      Then it becomes confusing or just verbal abuse.      I mean, if I see a flying, feathery thing going overhead and it goes, ‘quack’; what do I call it?      It’s so much easier to identify it accurately rather than to blur the entire planet because your afraid to codify it or offend someone.    No Greek or Roman asked the Barbarians what they thought of being called barbarians but it fits!    Besides, according to the Bible, it was the first act of Adam, name the animals!       Even scientists can’t resist.     They have no idea what dark matter is but it makes them feel so much better and the public confident that they have a handle on things if they name it!     It’s in our very nature.

Besides, I didn’t originate most of the terms in my glossary.    They’ve been around for a long time.      The only thing I invented was ‘light-siders’ since this mass of highly idealist artists and intellectuals refuse to be identified for what they are.      So, sorry for my literary license!       

Believe me, I have a lot more names for certain groups and people that are not printable and I bet you do too!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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