Oh, Yeah!?!

One of the big problems with alternative energy sources is the return on the investment.      It tends to be miserable.

The sales pitch, the consultant, the hype – whatever it is – turns out that the time it takes to recoup your money is already tenuous and unsubstantiated.     Then so many after installing these devices find out that the amount of time is even further out when reality sets in.

So, when I read in the paper, “Shining results for Nock solar panel project”, Newburyport Current, Vol. 6, No. 15, Dec 17-23, 2010; I was truly amazed.     Jim Walker, Ameresco’s director of solar PV grid projects (People who put the grid in.) said the following:

“In its first year, we are delighted to announce that the project produced
more electricity than our engineers estimated”


So the article goes on to say that the energy output of the panels is available for viewing by the faculty and students on the Internet.      Well, it must be the Intranet, because I haven’t found it.       Either Ameresco was being very pessimistic in their estimates or something incredible has happened!

It used to be before the newspapers hit the financial rocks that articles and press releases were checked for accuracy and reporters were allowed time to find out if the following statements were true or not.      Alas, Nock Lamothe, the reporter, must have been told to, ‘keep moving’ on to the next piece.        No link is provided for the reader to this ‘performance’ and no way to verify it.

I wish journalists were allowed to do their jobs these days.

Now I am all for solar panels.      In fact, I am doing some research on some aesthetically pleasing panels that can be installed on the roofs of residential homes.     There is even a home over on Dalton Street that is fully solar paneled and solar heated and you wouldn’t know it if you looked at.        That’s when the city becomes really green when thousands of homes have either these on their roofs or indulge in geo-thermal heat.        But everyone needs to know the truth as to output and performance.       

Until I see the evidence, I don’t believe it!

-P. Preservationist


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