A Growing Danger – Crazy Ideas from Green Advocates

It is increasingly clear that the Energy Advisory Committee and general supporters of the local Green Movement; are busy wielding powerful political weight in our City.          The general idea is that a dedicated group is going to spearhead  ‘saving’ Newburyport money.    

I just watched this wild movie with Leonard DiCaprio called, Inception.     The bottomline of the entire, rather ‘loud’ movie was the fact that an ‘idea’ is one of the most powerful concepts in the world.       History has shown that ‘ideas’ can drive forward nations and movements, some to good ends and others to bad.       

Regardless, ideas can cause a lot of problems as the concept is played out.

We are now suffering and will continue to suffer from the ‘idea’ of being green.    This idea has supplanted the old idea of conservation of resources and recycling.       Now, according to this group, Carbon, the very stuff of life is poison and we have to minimize what we generate.      The concept of zero output is also championed as if the very laws of physics can be disregarded.    Now spurred on by our Governor, these crazy ideas are going to get played out in Massachusetts.        H. L. Mencken said, “A socialist is a man suffering from an overwhelming conviction to believe what is not true”      I think this can be applied equally well to many green movement advocates.       They’re so convinced they are true they have repeatedly been caught manipulating and reinterpreting scientific  data.       The ‘idea’ comes first!

I am hoping that one person in City Hall, Molly Ettenborough, who is knowledgeable, level-headed and has done a great job running Newburyport’s recycling center will be aggressive and will explain common sense to these wild-eyed enthusiasts.           When she was the ECO Collaborative’s manager back in 2009, this is what she said:

“Maintaining a strong and vibrant local economy doesn’t just happen, it takes vision, diligence, and dedication by area businesses, civic leaders and organizations.     …it is up to all who work and live in an area to promote and protect our area’s natural and historic heritage.

Newburyport makes its money off our environment and historic assets.    It powers our economy, our real estate market and also makes our entire area a desirable place to live.       If we allow ideas to take route and destroy our local environment, historic assets  and quality of life without proper political vetting; we are cooked.

We just lost a whole lot of money on Plum Island because of the crazy idea of saving a handful of homes that shouldn’t have been built in the first place.     $75,000 just gone!       Remember, ideas have consequences!       Wishing them to work will not make them work.       Since the Mayor in her thirst for more money doesn’t seem to want to stop these ‘ideas’; I am trusting that sane voices at City Hall and a diligent City Council will at least put some brakes into place.   

Molly may sit in a ‘secret office’ that no one even knows is there (Back of auditorium); I think she can and should wield influence to temper this ‘green’ enthusiasm.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Just for the record, I live ‘green’, am an aggressive advocate for sensible green technology and an advocate for the environment.     There is a big difference between a sensible ‘environmentalist’ and a crazy ‘tree hugger’ just as there is a difference between a ‘conscientious  developer’ and a ‘self-centered, arrogant greedy developer’.


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