Hire the right people!

A local was recounting a horror story to me the other day.

A homeowner who lived in a beautiful majestic Federal home was told by his employer (a national firm) that he had to relocate.     As part of their company benefit, the corporation would have a company-approved inspection firm come in to help evaluate the home for resell and arrange for a quick sale.

This firm showed up, took one look at all the code non-compliance that was found in the building, looked at the field-stone foundation and condemned the building.         They recommended demolition!

That’s right.        Homes that held the likes of Caleb Cushing, Lord Timothy Dexter, Theophilus Parsons and William Bartlet and all the other famous personages.           To this company: to the wrecking ball!

And this extreme situation translates in much more insidious ways.     Hire the wrong person, and your historic home will be recommended to be stripped to the studs and replaced with modern materials.           Unfortunately, there are hundreds of ignorant people in our City who reach out to the wrong craftsmen.         

I can’t stress it too much.           There is a reason why one craftsman is ‘cheaper’ than the other and too often and so wrongly, price-point is often the only deciding point for so many.     

If you own an historic home, you can find a good, economically-viable professional.      It will take you educating yourself and spending a whole lot more time researching and getting competitive bids.      But it’s worth it!       That is why I have available the Newburyport Preservation Craftsman Directory.         


If you get lazy, or you should to ignore the fact that all the home improvement rules are different for your unique home; you will lose your investment, BIG TIME!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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