A Hidden but Vital Organization

Sometimes, a company or an organization can simply not be glamorous.         At the same time, what their cause or product is can be literally vital.         I frankly marvel at a company, for example, that spends its days and nights working on innovative products for newsprint ink, plumbing fixtures, or sewage or waste-disposal products or something as thrilling as gaskets, exhaust flanges, pipes, nose-hair trimmers, etc.

Okay, they’re important but wouldn’t people look at you rather oddly when you as a  salesman start getting all excited about them?

That’s why I marvel at an important organization like Parker River Clean Water Association.      Believe it or not, they are not a public organization like the Newburyport Water Department.      They are sort of an environmental group but they seem to have this thrilling fascination with water quality.         They don’t own a watershed, or a park or open space yet they are very concerned about all of the above.      They are not wildlife experts but care very much about the animals and plants in the area.      

So what are they?

Before I answer, I’ll give you a hint.      You won’t see or hear about them, but you’ll care when your water and sewer rates go up and you aren’t allowed to water your lawns.       You won’t hear a peep from them but because of their work, the flood damage that hits so many communities in other parts of New England so hard, won’t be happening here as badly.       If you are in the fishing industry, you’ll probably not even know about them but will be glad they are here.      People in busy Newburyport may not be aware of them but each city dweller can thank them for helping them sustain a high quality of life.          

Their mission is to preserve the watershed of the Parker River.      This river system literally surrounds our precious and historic Common Pasture.     This same system is a MAJOR contributor to the Great Marsh.      This same wetlands is a place where baby fish live and provide contributing stock to our fishing industry, the great migratory birds who live on it and in which our very drinking water is greatly sourced from its influence(common pasture).       But the Parker River would be a dead river system (as some watersheds are in Massachusetts) if the riparian way was not protected.        Riparian means water-dependent habitat.       The plants purify the water, the animals and birds ensure a rich ecology and Parker River Clean Water Association is dedicated toward preserving all that activity.

Therefore, pollution is a big concern, fish populations are a major concern, wildlife habitats are a major concern.    Water availability for animals and human are a major concern, flooding is another and of course, above all else, water quality.        

Frankly, this organization exists around the ‘edges’ of Newburyport but without their presence, this northeast area of Massachusetts would certainly be a poorer place.

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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