So What Are They Hiding?

I’ve just learned that the Chamber and the Mayor has denied PortMedia the right to film the Breakfast at the Phoenix Room.     It is a well-known fact that Newburyport Development and their parent-company New England Development will be speaking on their plans for the Waterfront West Overlay District.       And as we all know, the Mayor will be giving her first part of the State of the City address as it relates to the business community.

The average citizen should be allowed to see and hear what is being planned for ‘their’ city behind closed doors and around corporate conference rooms.

So, I ask again, ‘”What are they hiding?”      It is no secret and historically-verified that the local papers are often ‘biased’ and selective in what they report.         I swear that the press attended classes in journalism school on just how to do that!

But a camera often catches the subtleties and hears things that haven’t been rehearsed.      Often it is who is in the room, their reactions and the mood of the crowd that reveals more of what is really going on than the published, speaking itinerary.

Perhaps that is exactly why!?!

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to So What Are They Hiding?

  1. Sarah Hayden says:

    For the record, PortMedia did not request to be admitted to this meeting, nor did PortMedia plan to attend. Perhaps P. Preservationist intended to say that “a member of PortMedia, who wished to video tape the meeting was denied admission.” PortMedia, as an organization, would have no way of knowing if that were so. It is inaccurate of P. Presevationist to state that PortMedia was denied admission to the meeting, and furthermore, P. Preservationist is not authorized to speak for, or on behalf of, PortMedia.

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