Go for the Gold!

The City’s position on the Whittier Bridge Project is absolutely the correct one.       By shooting for the gold, you’ll at least be guaranteed to achieve the silver.        That is the correct way to deal with bureaucrats.        It is also the best way to make their bureaucratic world look good.        The Federal Highway Department has high marks for any project that integrates bike paths into its plans.       These things are ‘political darlings’.      How do you think our little Clipper City Rail Trail ended up being largely funded by the Feds?     

All those community organizers posing as politicians in DC picture us all in green vehicles, riding on bicycles and taking buses and trains and walking everywhere – it feeds their fantasies!    Of course, the trains are unreliable and don’t run when you need them; the bicycles are useless and unsafe in inclement weather and hauling anything substantial in ‘green’ vehicles is sheer lunacy.     

Hey, it doesn’t matter.      If it loosens their purse strings in a tight economy, great!

The City’s position of protecting the quality of life for every citizen is also a correct one.      Forty homes being affected by a huge, wide and noisy highway means not just some ‘buildings’ suffering from vibration but individuals and families and the whole general neighborhood and beyond.     Again, Federal law mandates mitigation.       Bureaucrats must show solid proof that they are alleviating community impacts that their project is generating.    I’d say noise is right up there!

I would like the City’s stance strengthened by our congressional and State House representatives.      Bureaucrats also hate controversy.      

They especially hate hearing a knock at their door from a politician!

Whatever works!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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