Making the Rounds!

I am happy to see that my blog and website has been added to        This site is very important in that it brings out a lot of facts about historic Newburyport that has long been forgotten.       It is worth checking out (since there is a lot to check out you may be there awhile!) if you really want to burrow under the skin of Newburyport and into the culture.

One of the continuing problems of our City is a lack of understanding of our deep historic significance.       Leave Salem with their witches and Gloucester with their fishermen.        We have so much more!

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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One Response to Making the Rounds!

  1. Comity says:

    Tidings. Given the intent to add a link to P.Preservationist from upon revisions to the website, the intermediate “ply” long was overdue. And when visiting the PP blog today (*) for today’s post and posit …

    How flattered by P.Preservationist’s compliment! Howbeit now (yet more) fettered to complete review of the content destined for phased revisions to the website this and next month. That first component being a transition of the Compass and Calendar webpage at the turn of the old-style calendar year (March 25, 2011).

    [NOTE: Having been remiss in those projected timelines mentioned at the Daily News correspondence found at this hyperlink.]

    ****** FOOTNOTES ******
    * Was curious to see whether P.Preservationist has addressed the Viewpoint (“Roll back the Trojan horse and find creative solutions for Port”) published in the Newburyport Daily News (today, Feb 15). (**)
    ** Having exchange with the News Editor about some of the more blatant inaccuracies, have posted that copious countermand to the Virtual Wolfe Tavern (***) at this thread.
    *** More anon re this imminent important milestone in history and “history in the making.” Come what May!

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