Some comments on appointments

I noticed the list of appointments made on the city council agenda for tonight.       One of my major flaws is the ability to strategize ahead.    This is the ability to not only look into the future as to what steps to take to win the objective but figuring out what alternative actions would need to be made if an unexpected obstruction would be thrown up by an opponent.   How that would affect the original plans and then to take the whole ball of wax and figure what would be the best course of action to fulfill the goal.

In other words, I can’t play chess.(At least not very well)

The right thing to have done is to work toward the termination of some of the dubious members of the boards and commissions, do research on why they are poor choices, educate the public with editorials and letter writing and phone calls to make sure they are not re-appointed.     Then campaign hard to make sure the right person is put into place.

Instead, I look at the names as they appear on the city council list and just say, “Ugh”; we’re stuck with him’/her until X years.

The only hope I have is that enough political pressure is made to stymie the actions of the most odious of selections.

I did see two encouraging things.      The filling of a vacant spot by a William K. Todd.      That is a good thing to round out the important role of the Newburyport Historical Commission.

Then I saw a really good appointment.      Tony Furnari as the head of the Department of Public Safety.      He has done already an absolutely outstanding job basically working with hardly any budget, hardly any people and hardly any time (and with crappy equipment).      And yet, has been very sensitive to our historic city and to our conservation lands.       Of course, he’s not perfect as I grumble at blacktop or concrete being slathered here and there in the historic district but that’s what politics is for!      Expressing what needs to be done – if we’re silent in providing our wishes – then we have no right to complain!       He’s done a great job in getting many areas bricked and restoring those sidewalks that already have brick.       And the delay at the Water/Sewer Plant in reporting the archeological find at Coombs Wharf has not been a good reflection.        But again, there is nothing in the books as to the procedure if rare archeological finds are found on city property.      What we need is an ordinance instituted so clear directions can be provided for next time.

As for the odious appointments, it just means that I and others of like mind sitting in on their boards and commissions carefully keeping an eye on the bad eggs and that includes monitoring some in our City departments!       

I’d have more time on my hands if only I could play Chess!

-P. Preservationist


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