Political Momentum

Well, I guess we’re stuck buying a bunch of lights in the City.      

Hiring a consultant that is pre-disposed toward the concept already; is tantamount to approving the purchases.     Oh, sure; there will be public hearings and information sessions.   A few citizens will squawk.   But this thing is a given.      The consultant was not hired to justify the purchasing of lights but how to purchase the lights.


So, now we’re stuck with an unnecessary burden of maintaining a large number of lights in the city (on posts that we don’t even own)    I heard of people buying ‘air’ which is what people do when they buy a condominium.     The city is going to buy ‘floating assets’ on poles that were supposed to be put underground years ago.      

This will only institutionalize the existence of 19th century wood poles so National Grid and Verizon can avoid paying property taxes.     Even Governor Deval knows the crime of this and is proposing taxing the poles!       

But the worst crime under the excuse of ‘saving money’ is the maintenance issue.       Light bulb changing is not maintenance.     The City will have to purchase trucks to get the DPS up there to do serious work.     

According to Councilor Herzog, the City also owns the streetlamps.       A lot of them are not working and these are in easy reach.     It’s not the light bulb – the wiring is all corroded.    Now, that job will be Newburyport’s hundreds of times over.

Of course, the excuse will be, “Well, we have spent so much time and effort on this project, we just have to go through with it.”

Yeah, I assure you.  It’s a given!

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to Political Momentum

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Nothing is predisposed; what gives you that idea? Mr. Woodbury had not analyzed anything from the city when he spoke to the joint committee meeting this month. Maybe it’s cheaper to turn off lights than to buy lights; I don’t know. But what’s factual is National Grid will charge us money to maintain the lights even if they’re turned off and charge us money again to turn them back on, whereas if the city owned the lights that dual cost would be zero.

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