2011 CPA Projects

As everyone knows by now, CPA funds are to be dedicated to three areas: Affordable Housing, Historic Preservation and Open Spaces. (With Recreation sort off floating around between Historic Preservation and Open Spaces.)

Well, it is quite a list – the only one’s that seem dubious are the affordable housing projects as in the circumstances and details.   Fortunately, it will be thoroughly reviewed by the committee soon on March 8th.      There has been a lot of noise made about focusing on this category alone for CPA funds.       I think it will be a big mistake and a poor use of taxpayer’s money.

Just so you know my opinion – I don’t have much faith in these projects unless the City is in complete control of the property.    That way, there is no danger of having a slimy developer wiggling their way out!

After that circus, the historic projects will be reviewed on March 22nd.

Finally, the open space & recreation projects on April 26th.

Here they are:

Project Title Applicant Project Location Amount Requested Category
YWCA Affordable Housing YWCA of Greater Newburyport 11 Market Street 120,000.00 Affordable Housing
Down Payment Assistance and MLS Input-Only Listing Services Newburyport Affordable Housing Trust Various Affordable Resale Units 75,000.00 Affordable Housing
Newburyport Housing Rehabilition Progam City of Newburyport, Office of Planning & Community Development Various 125,000.00 Affordable Housing, Historc Resource
Milk Street Affordable Housing American Training, Inc. 41 Milk Street 49,450.00 Affordable Housing
Restoration – Old South Church Roof Old South, First Presbyterian Church 29 Federal Street 20,000.00 Historic Resource
Restoration – Belleville Congregational Church Belleville Congregational Church Restoration Group 300 High Street 70,000.00 Historic Resource
Restoration Project – St. Anna’s Chapel Restoration Project Capital Campaign Committee, St. Paul’s Church 166 High Street 35,000.00 Historic Resource
Open Space Fund Open Space Committee Not Applicable 100,000.00 Open Space
Moseley to Maudslay Trail Connection Project City of Newburyport, Office of Planning & Community Development Maudslay State Park 86,000.00 Open Space, Recreation
Clipper City Rail Trail Extension Project City of Newburyport, Office of Planning & Community Development Waterfront, South End 125,000.00 Open Space, Recreation
Joppa Park Renovation Newburyport Parks Commission Water Street 65,000.00 Open Space, Historic Resource, Recreation
Bartlett Wharf Timber Conservation City of Newburyport & Newburyport Maritime Society 115 Water Street, 25 Water Street 3,740.00 Historic Resource
Rediscovering Caleb Cushing Rediscovering Caleb Cushing Committee Highland Hill Cemetery 4,000.00 Historic Resource
Oak Hill Cemetery Gravestone Restoration Proprietors of Oak Hill Cemetery Oak Hill Cemetery 1,995.00 Historic Resource, Open Space, Recreational
Newburyport Clipper Heritage Trail Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and Industry 38R Merrimac Street 6,344.00 Historic Resource, Recreation

The total requested is $886,529.00.    Talk about musical chairs!

This list is downloadable here.

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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