You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ignorance is powerful.      You can have people who have absolutely no idea what is going on spouting the most absurd nonsense and then trying to get other people to agree with them.       It happens all the time on the editorial page.     You have a steady drumbeat of half-cocked ‘spouters’ who offer their opinion often parroting something they were told or reflecting they’re favorite populist leader.

Hey, it’s okay.       That is the beauty of free speech.      All this posturing and strutting before the rest of us gives us all the different arguments and facets over an issue, permitting citizens to make informed decisions.

I bristle when someone says that a certain editorialist shouldn’t be allowed to be posted.      Who made you the arbiter just because they disagree with your assumptions?       To me, it’s great to see someone speaking up against my position.*      It brings the subject out front before the public so we can all look at it and see the pro’s and con’s and to decide who is ignorant and who knows what they are talking about.

So it’s natural for comments* on my blog like the above statement.     The assumption is that I am just another ‘spouter’ – shooting from the hip, totally ignorant of what is going on.

That is why I have attached an independent website to reinforce my opinions.      

I brought up the subjects so it is natural that I defend my positions with solid information.

Don’t like my statements on local historic districts?      I have reams of facts posted to support my arguments.       Hate my opinions?     Find out if there is any substance to my points – pick a subject – it’s all there.      

You will also notice an army of those who support my stance.    Check out their sites.   Pretty soon you’ll find out I’m just one voice in a growing chorus!

And while you’re checking it out, take a look at my collection of video links and local history.     It can be very educational and entertaining.

-P. Preservationist

* As I have said before, I do not ‘banter’ with comments.    My position has always been, ‘Contributing submissions on the historic downtown, historic preservation issues and open space concerns will be taken in strictest confidentiality. I reserve the right to post contributions that add to the discussions.”        That includes comments that clearly show a factual error or misstatement that I have made, too.     It is a miserable thing not being right all the time so I work hard to avoid being in that position!



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