Hello, Dog Owners

I know I am going to receive angry blog comments and e-mails but here goes.      


If you want to walk your dog and have a place to let your canine friend run free with all the enthusiasm that it entails, you need to realize there are plenty of opportunities…

…and nice manicured city parks just won’t cut it.

…and a fence-enclosure just won’t cut it.

Dogs have so much more sensitive sniffers and they need a cacophony of experiences.       It’s called Nature.     And they love to run and running in circles won’t cut it either.

There are two places that are readily accessible.

Just east of March’s Hill is the undeveloped Clipper City Rail Trail, Phase II.     According to Geordie Vining, this location will not be finished and opened up until 2018.      And in this place that stretches into Newbury are forests and quarries and fields.    As long as your dog isn’t the type that likes to bite fellow bikers and commuters walking home from the trains; it is a perfect place to let the dogs have a run…for the time being.   Oh, yes, make sure they stay off Tendercrop Farm’s land that is nearby.

But I have an even better place, the Little River Bike Path.      With easy parking off Hale Street, this stretch runs all the way to Storey Avenue in some of the most beautiful wildlife area in the City and they have side trails that run up to the Crow Lane Landfill.      As much as that doesn’t sound appealing, on the way are some of the most beautiful stands of trees within the City Limits.

According to the signs posted, the only thing that is requested is to have those d___n feces picked up and taken out.

In addition, Parker River Clean Water Association maintains a nature trail on the westside parallel to the Bike Path.     If you can keep the dogs from tormenting the wildlife, they would greatly appreciate it!     This means keeping some level of control over your dogs.

These beautiful areas will be compensation enough for long-suffering dog owners who have to go out in all manner of weather conditions.     

Take them to a place where you both can enjoy nature.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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