Excellent Promotion of Newburyport

An excellent website recently has been a real plus for our City, www.newburyportguide.com.      Rebecca Pearson of Valentines has done a fantastic job of presenting a visual feast when it comes to introducing Newburyport.     Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all this wonderful effort could do what hasn’t been done, getting advertisements to the travel industry.    

The city points at the chamber and the chamber points at the city but it seems no one wants to overcome Whittier’s Curse.       

A study was made in the late eighties as to why HUD’s restoration of our downtown was a failure.     It was a disaster because NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT NEWBURYPORT.

It has been strictly word-of-mouth and chance stumbling on our beautiful Brigadoon; that has brought so many to come and not just visit but return and live here and slowly bring up our prosperity.     But in this economy, we can’t afford such a creeping marketing effort.    We need aggressive promotion to fill our shops year-round.

I love Ms. Pearson’s approach because it is so alluring and so not the usual on the Internet.     Other than a strange picture of a mysterious mountain just off shore viewed from a hotel room, she is right on just about every page. (I just mentioned that so you’d visit and look for it!)

Well done!

-P. Preservationist



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