We have so many efforts going on all over our City to enhance and promote ecological and heritage tourism.     With strong convictions, dedicated individuals in business, government, non-profits and public and private enterprises who, realizing our treasures, are finding new and creative ways to draw in investors and visitors to Newburyport.      I say investors because that frumpy looking guy who just dropped an ice cream on his lap and wearing a goofy T-shirt; may just be a budding entrepreneur who sees us as a great location; or a potential resident who recognizes our quality of life.      

Visitors indeed to the umpteenth degree!

And yet, this Great House we call the Greater Newburyport Area is infested with carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder-post beetles and termites!   

If we don’t take measures to fumigate the structure and call in the exterminators, one day that Mansion will collapse and all these great efforts of promotion will be in vain.

  • We have thoughtless and selfish homeowners who care nothing about their community and only want to ingratiate themselves with bloated McMansions and auto-centric improvements to their homes.
  • We have developers who want to take historic homes, gut them and fill them with cheap, generic and short-lasting materials and then to pass them off as ‘historic’ with ‘modern conveniences’.
  • We have ‘save the planet’ fanatics who want to take conservation and watershed land and put up wind turbines or cover over the vegetation with solar panels all the while chasing away any sign of the ‘environment’ including wildlife.
  • We have thoughtless land speculators who want to take open space even agricultural lands, conservation lands, park lands and watersheds and build so they can walk away with great profits that benefits little to the local community.
  • We have a host of people who care little for what is our valuable asset of historic treasures and wants to renovate them to death or demolish them all together.

If Newburyport does not get serious about passing local historic district ordinances to protect the exteriors of our urban historic area, and the Preservation Trust doesn’t soon move to protect the interiors with education, aggressive easements and advancing heritage tourism; we will soon have a total collapse of our House.

The Insects* are using incremental methods to destroy us;

we must use comprehensive measures to stop them.

-P. Preservationist

* I get tired of people saying, “But these are good people!”   Does an evil action not nullify such goodness?    When a good person is caught stealing or murdering, is that person still ‘good’?      As the Bible affirms over and over again, there are three things in Hell; good intentions, good works and good people.


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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  1. I read your write-up. You definitely gave an excellent understanding on termites control.

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