The Fisherman’s Trail

Fishermen's Trail Turns out that there are a lot more trails in the City than one would initially expect.      One of the most interesting are the Fisherman’s trails that are located around the Artichoke Reservoir.         Used obviously to locate the very best fishing spots, these trails can weave around the forest, track along the water and mysteriously stop short.    One particular trail is located at the Quaker Cemetery.     There is parking for several cars and even a place to lock up your bike.     But watch your step, as you follow the trail, you will find yourself surrounded and sometimes on top of some of the neglected tombstones.      A tour of history can be conducted as you read the names, see the dates and read their epitaphs.    There has been talk of trying to restore some of these forgotten memorials. 


After watching your steps, the trail swings by the water and then weaves into the forest.      


It’s not an extensive trail but if wanting to ride out on your bicycle and experience history and nature juxtaposed together, this is the place.     If coming from downtown, the best way is to take Hale Street off of Low and follow it until it intersects with Turkey Hill Road.      Take a left and head along Artichoke Reservoir until you spot the sign for the Quaker Cemetery on the right.    Quaker Cemetary Trail  


One interesting plant that seems to be everywhere at this location are Sassafras Trees.     Perhaps the Quaker’s suffered from too thick a blood!       The former Quaker Meeting House’s location is just a quarter mile further on the right.


Ride in this stunningly beautiful and very rural area and you will scarcely believe an entire City lies just over the northern rise.


-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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