We’ll save money all right!

Well, now I am finally understanding the genius behind the purchasing of the city’s lights.

The colonial-style lampposts* are owned by the City.     Of these, over thirty are off because of one reason or another, two don’t even have tops just a pole and there are over ten that are flickering and not at full performance.        David Zinc, who is supposed to make sure these work has practically a zero budget to keep them going.

So now I see the plan.

The consultant was hired to justify purchasing the 800 odd-lights around the city.      As I have said before, it’s a given – you’ve got this large line item (over $200,000 in the 2010 budget) that goes into National Grid’s pocket every year.         We are going to purchase the lights.

Green Washing’ is the term used for profiteers who use paint color and the term ‘green’ in their advertisements when their actions and products are anything but green.         Everywhere we look, this practice is in place.

The great thing for the City will be the total lack of an expensive and elaborate lighting plan.    No squawking of neighbors that they need a light left on.     After the lights are purchased, we just leave ‘em.      It won’t be long before the Laws of Thermodynamics takes place and they begin to flicker and go out one by one.         With no maintenance plan and no budget to fix them, let the citizens squawk.     After a year or two, a growing percentage will go out.      

How’s that?     Saving money by neglect!

Now as for green washing, do you think that money saved will go back to the citizens?      Marijuana being smoked for health purposes in every house?    species-spotlight-grizzly-bear-brown-mouth-open-black-nose-attacking-growling-biting-photo-468x351  That money will be put back into the general fund and available for health insurance increases, insurance increases, union benefits and raises and perhaps a pet project or two of a city councilor or a Mayor.    

It may be even used to hire a consultant to develop a maintenance plan which won’t get approved anyhow.       

That’s okay.    It won’t be long before we’re all in the dark.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Since then, many of the colonial streetlamps have been hastily repaired – obviously from concerned business owners who would like customers to find their businesses in the dark and from sectors who realize the city’s maintenance issue will be a glaring problem ‘purchasing’ the lights.


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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