Coffin Island Nature Trail

 Coffin Island SponsorsThe best way to describe this trail is to look at the name, Coffin Island.      It’s basically a dry knoll.    No getting lost on this thing.       The area in question was often used as it rose above the marshes as a source for lumber and then more recently, talk was being made of putting housing on the island.    Fortunately, jointly between the City of Newburyport and the Town of Newbury, the land was acquired and placed as a conservation area.


It is surrounded on some areas by marshes, in others by private farmland.     The trail takes its cue from the terrain.    The trail starts off near the entrance and follows the outline of the island, brushing past marshlands and pasture and coming very close to the cattle grazing areas with electric fences within a few feet of the trail.      The area passes great trees and into a shallow wetland and in all lets you feel that you are in a special place due to the elevation above the surrounding common pasture.   Wildlife abounds and the birds especially waterfowl are heavy in the area.Simple Boardwalk


If going, be sure to use lots of insect repellent for the area is surrounded with insect-heavy wetlands.      But in all accounts, it’s a very pleasant walk and more extensive than you would think when starting out.


If visiting, be sure to park across busy Scotland Road at the designated parking area.    And definitely check before crossing such a busy highway.


Your visit will be worth it especially when migrating birds are in the area.     


Definitely an island to get lost on for a three-hour tour!


More detailed Information about the area can be found here.


-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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