The Cabal Lives on!

a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue.     A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers.     A group of people joined in secretly conspiring against something, especially political.     These were just some of the definitions I found on the Internet.

Interestingly enough, there exists in City Hall just such a group.       Unlike some Loony Tune hideout, there are no neon signs pointing to who is a member.      There are no ‘documents’ – just whispered understandings and a common goal.    They may hide under the official stated purposes of their positions but I assure you, they are determined to advance their goals.

This tension has existed at 60 Pleasant Street between those who want to advance Newburyport into a modern city of urban planning and historic preservation and those seeking to advance short-term demands of developers and the ‘good ole’ boy’ network.     

This cabal was responsible for unseating a Mayor (or two or three) and has influenced in many ways by putting up roadblocks or simply doing nothing about problem issues.

What surprises me with the Mayor’s focus on doing much reform, she hasn’t tackled the important and I say inevitable, confrontation with this cabal.

Ignoring them could endanger her re-election.      Pacifying them which seems to be what she is doing now, will only make them emboldened and ravenous for more power.

Mayor Moak rid himself of people who went against his ‘no Master Plan’ philosophy and the cabal cheered him on.     Will this Mayor actually get rid of people who are in City Hall making a real difference, just to appease the cabal?

I hope not.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Sorry to be so vague but alas, bloggers get no protection under the law.     While a journalist will get a Pullitzer Prize for outing conspirators, all I’ll get is the same treatment that William Lloyd Garrison received when he outed a slavership captain, a lawsuit!


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