41 Prospect Street – How to lay your bricks right!

I just want to say that I won’t highlight the homeowner by name but when they used the masonry company to lay down the bricks, it just reflects positive things about them.

First, they put the brick in the right direction – perpendicular.      That is how it is supposed to be laid down.

41 Prospect Street full view

Second, they used good brick.     Now they didn’t use Boston/City Hall Brick but they used brick that was excellent for an ADA-compliant surface.     The former brick can be made ADA but it requires grinding it down.      A fine example can be found at the stretch of brick row houses just beyond Stella’s on Middle Street.    But here, they used a style that made it tight between the bricks – therefore no handicapped person or even a distracted pedestrian could ever trip on the edges.

Third, they made an attractive place for the tree to grow.     In Newburyport, trees go with the street sidewalks.

41 Prospect Street Paver

Fourth and this is the BIG DEAL, they bricked across the driveway so the surface is consistent.      

41 Prospect Street full view

Putting a driveway across a sidewalk is an ADA no no – no matter how attractive!

 Cobblestones on the sidewalk

Hats off to the homeowner.

Hats off to J. M. Stanton Contracting, LLC (603) 702-2933 for an outstanding job!

The property values and their equity will now jump a notch.

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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