The fun is just getting started!

Well, the Daily News may be in the dark but the rest of us can still enjoy a weekend full of activities:

Still to come,

Flickers of the Past, Tonight

7:00, Custom House Museum, Rumfest Reception later.    $10/person.

Historic Preservation and Caldwell-style Rum – sounds like a good time!   We have the blow-by-blow challenges of restoring an old house revealed by a professional architect.   Then comes the Rumfest!   This isn’t just any ordinary rum in a bottle – the age of rum, aged in barrels, basically died out when Caldwell’s went out of business in Somerville.     

Tonight, learn some history and then taste some history!     

Anatomy of a Fireplace, May 21st

10-2, Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm, $35 Admission.    

This is no dry lecture – this is hands on exploration of masonry and figuring out the anatomy of the colonial and later-years in chimney craft.    Some of these edifices could fit a conference room inside them.     Learn from the expert of experts who will demonstrate how to understand and take care of these fireplaces.

Sparks of History House Tour, May 21st

3-5, 63 High Street – The symbol of the Ridge.    Free Admission

Oh, come on now!     How can you resist.      63 High Street by the way is so packed with architecture and history that I have been having trouble figuring out how to do a House Story that doesn’t look like a book!       This house is the iconic symbol of our precious monument to history, The Ridge.        I bet you can’t stay away.

Firehouses and Firetrucks, May 22nd

1-3, Newbury Fire Museum and the Newbury Upper Green.    Free Admission

If you are a local, you probably have driven by this museum a thousand times and hardly taken note of it.     And it will be wide open – plus there is going to be a talk about the brave men and the machines they used to put out fires from the Great Fire of 1811, horrible barn fires and the devastation of the fire of 1934.     There will even be a fire truck the children can explore.     God is so impressed, He’s holding back this ‘stationary front’  just this one day.     Don’t miss it.

Newburyport Fires Presentation, Preservation awards, Closing Ceremonies

4:30, 5:15 & 6 PM – Phoenix Room, 19 Inn Street.       Free Admission

Any excuse to be in the famous Phoenix Room is worth it alone but from 4:30 on, a presentation on Newburyport and the fires and firefighters over the years doesn’t need any other reason.      This is one hour and a half packed with education, awards and a closing ceremony and food!     There will be a cash bar.


-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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