We already have one!

In the political arena, we will always have the hysteric crowd.      If some decision is made they disagree with, they will claim that people will starve, people will die and great catastrophe will occur.       I noticed that when local historic district ordinance is brought up, the extreme right faction of hysterics goes into overdrive.         Their frothing of the mouth is supposed to be justification for allowing reason to be dispensed with.

And then they start screaming about someone telling them what color to paint their house.    

But it’s not in the ordinance nor in the design guidelines.

And then they start screaming about property rights.    How dare someone tell them what to do with their house!

But it’s not in the ordinance nor in the design guidelines.

Anyway, in America; we actually don’t have real property rights – if you don’t pay your taxes, the government has the right to take your home.     If you’re house doesn’t fulfill certain building and health codes, the building inspector may condemn your house and tell you you aren’t allowed to live there!     If you conduct criminal activity, you may have your house and property seized!   At the very least, zoning may prevent you from doing what you want and the City may stop you if you do something that violates an ordinance.

Besides, daring to use reason, the local historic district ordinance doesn’t take away the right to do what you want with your house.      

How do I know?    It’s in the ordinance and in the design guidelines.   

It has already been written and been in effect for now close to three years!

The Fruit Street Local Historic District’s ordinance is the basic structure for the whole historic expansion.      It will be modified somewhat to accommodate a much wider variety of architecture and the varied streetscapes but its basic tenets are the same.    When the local historic district is expanded, the Fruit Street Local Historic District Commission will be enlarged and become the LHD Commission for the entire expanded area.       

It stands to reason to examine the present ordinance and design guidelines and to see how it would affect you and to see how the commission is functioning and how it will interact with your home.

And I might add, we should all owe a debt of gratitude to the homeowners of the Fruit Street LHD.     They have done the yeoman’s job* of trial and error to make sure everything works and works well.      It is their day-to-day practical experience that will guide the LHD expansion.

-P. Preservationist

* One that performs great and loyal service.


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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