Trail Series: High Street Bike Lanes

When the High Street Bike Lanes were installed, there was such a hullaballoo.       Even though there had been repeated public hearings and many notices in the paper, no one really took the High Street Master Plan seriously.


All of a sudden, High Street residents found their private parking spaces in front of their homes taken up by a bike path.      They were furious and caused much raucous.        Regrettably, the bike trails were not fully completed.     Due to the political pressure and lack of signage, the bike paths actually led to a death when a bicycle rider tried to cross the three-roads intersection.    Bicycle Death Trap One moment he was on a bike path, the next moment in the middle of traffic.        It was certainly tragic.      Because the City was paralyzed by public acrimony, the signage at the end of the path was stowed away useless in the DPS garage.


City Council ironically passed the High Street Master Plan unanimously. (After the private parking advocates recovered from the shock)      Now all the city needs is funding.


This bike path certainly does not make much sense but it’s here.    There are places where it disappears, other places it is replaced by parked cars, and in other instances veers out into the street.    The only stretch that is rather nice is the one that runs along the High Street Ridge, safe and straight.


Either way, we should see the lines repaired.    One of the fantastic benefits of the paths is the psychological effect it has been on speeders.     The bike path has narrowed the road and now High Street looked more like a grand boulevard rather than the Indy 500.    No wonder City Council voted for their re-instatement!   (The speeders are back again keeping the police very busy.)


Either way, we should see the lines repaired.       These lines were ‘poured’ on and consists of a plastic-like material.     With the savage winter we have had, cars are swerving around the shallow potholes that now litter High Street.      Without the lines for clear delineation, we may see many bicyclists harmed and even killed.      If we can at least paint back the lines, we could see many individuals saved from certain death and traffic slowed again.

 Clip a bicyclist IV        Clip a bicyclist III

Examples of potholes, barely visible lines and the opportunity for bicyclists to be clipped.


 Newburyport is dedicating itself to be a green city.    By encouraging bicycling, it is going a long way toward that goal and High Street certainly reflects the seriousness of that commitment.


To do nothing this summer with the lame excuse of no money will be criminal neglect.


-P. Preservationist



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One Response to Trail Series: High Street Bike Lanes

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Tomorrow’s meeting of the energy advisory committee includes a discussion about bike rental programs, and I imagine bike lanes too.

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