My Humble Suggestion.

Well, it’s better than the pit behind the fire station but yet again, the senior center is getting moved.      With all the mighty plans taken up by elaborate proposals from the NRA Disney-plan to the Cushing Park mega structure; it has always been about getting the money to do it.

And on the State and Federal levels, as Senator Tax-and-spend-Liberal Kerry has stated, “Don’t expect any money anytime soon!”

Which brings me to my suggestion.      The garage that is going in at Titcomb Street is going to be largely paid for by the MVRTA with, of course, some matching money from the City.       We know that the project is being fitted into the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission’s plans which is a forerunner for obtaining non-earmarked* regular government funding.

Why not do what Amesbury is doing?    They are combining the MVRTA garage with the senior center and it is giving what every person in their town wants:


Have you noticed that the one requirement that most seniors want seems to get farther and farther away?

First it was the pit – far from downtown.

Then it was the Towle Building – far from downtown.

Then it was Cushing Park – far from downtown.

And now, remote and on the other side of town: the Bresnahan School.

Let’s be realistic (and that includes seniors being realistic in their expectations) and have a completely paid for center that is downtown and accessible.

Let’s give them the dignity and joy of walking around our beautiful center and waterfront not tucked embarrassingly away and out of sight!

-P. Preservationist

* Earmarked money has to get past frothing-at-the-mouth Tea Partiers in Congress!


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One Response to My Humble Suggestion.

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Yes, let’s be realistic. During my election campaign in 2009 when I spoke to seniors living in the James Steam Mill about this subject, their overwhelming response regarding location was Port Plaza. That’s where they go shopping, anyway, and is a natural location.

    Yes, that’s private land — and privately-run senior centers do exist.

    But, we’re not talking about senior centers again, are we? What happened to the community center? How does the library not serve that function?

    I’ve always liked the idea of expanding the Graf ice skating rink and creating a multi-modal athletic/community center there. It’s next to the rail trail, near the T, plenty of parking, etc. Alas, nobody else is proposing that location because, again, it’s private.

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