A Great Idea

I saw today in the Daily News that the Audubon Society has been consulted over when the appropriate time for haying should be done at Woodsom Farm in Amesbury and exactly where those areas are.

This was preceded by a study done by the Society.

I think that is a great idea for the Cooper North Pasture Conservation Area.     Sometimes the farmer will chafe at the restrictions or interject when he feels is the appropriate time motivated strictly by his needs.      Then, there are certain segments of the conservation crowd that would prefer no haying at all because they wish to ensure the safe rearing of the young by many bird species that make the Common Pasture their home.

The farmer has to carefully explain that if the haying was not done, these areas would gradually revert to scrub land and eventually forest.      Plus, having a large expanse of grassland that begins to ripen as summer progresses is asking for field fires which will do even more damage to the local habitat.

If the Common Pasture Stewardship Committee enacted such a study either by the Newburyport Birders or by the Audubon; then there would be clarity as to the right time to hay the field.    It would also be very reassuring to those who have great concerns on the bird life being reared on the pasture.

Preserving the grand open spaces of the Common Pasture by haying will then be complemented by the assured and safe rearing of birds on the pastureland especially those with declining populations.

-P. Preservationist


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One Response to A Great Idea

  1. This in from Mary Harbaugh, Chair of the Open Space Committee and the Vice-Chair of the Common Pasture Stewardship Committee, commenting on the procedure to hay the Cooper North Conservation Area:

    “I’ve just read the post about Mass Audubon and Cooper North. Mass Audubon *did* study Cooper North; our current approach is based on their recommendation.”

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