No name calling here!

If a little name calling causes Tom Salemi to make a profusion of grand and intensive posts, then I feel, like Donald Trump, completely justified.   

My work is done.

But I actually never called him a dark sider.      I said he was seduced by the Dark Side.

Dark siders are a completely different ilk.     In an effort to not repeat myself, here is the exhaustive definition.

Of course, they are a slippery bunch.

I went to a wonderful soiree for Essex County Greenbelt Association last night.       Many prominent people from Newburyport were there including a small cadre of dark siders.       Even concrete crumbles over time (unless the Romans set it) and when you assign a designation on someone it doesn’t mean they can’t repent.     The strict definition of repentance is to ‘reverse course’ and has nothing to do with emotional blubbering.     It means to stop going in one direction because you have realized it was the wrong way and to steer onto the correct path.

I didn’t know if they were just there because the who’s who were present or due to an amazing conversion.

Either way, though still economically powerful, they are a waning population.     

Let them have fun tonight at the Imperial Senate!

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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