Retraction & Correction

It has been brought to my attention that an ancient posting of mine is horrifically wrong.     This wouldn’t be so bad if this was in some dusty newspaper morgue but my blog is on the Internet.     Incorrect statements can be bantered and spread like skin cancer on an athlete’s nose.      So, here is the offending statement in an old post of December 29th, 2009 in Sidewalk Wars.


“One group is headed by the Council on Disabilities and the ADA Coordinator, Diane Eppa, who want to ban brick sidewalks.      They feel that its bricks that are the number one cause of the problems in the city and by replacing them all with cement sidewalks, the average citizen will be able to walk the length and breadth of Newburyport without the fear of falling and hurting themselves.      They are angry at the downtown for not having the sidewalk surface ADA certified.     ADA is of course, the American Disabilities Act.”


Diane Eppa responded with,


“I realize this is an old post, but I want to clear up some inaccuracies. At no time, have I ever said anything about banning brick sidewalks, nor do I recall the Commission on Disabilities wanting to do so either. In fact, we’ve worked on projects installing and repairing brick sidewalks and ramps in the downtown area…It is also wrong to say that the Commission and myself are “angry… for not having the sidewalks certified,” especially since this “certification” does not exist. The Commission’s job is to promote accessibility, not act as a road block. “


There!   I stand corrected!


-P. Preservationist


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