Ten Most Needed Areas for Bricking: The Reddish Brick Road to Oz

People are drawn to our Market Square.    It is the epicenter of our business district and Newburyport Development, just one of our landlords can attest to the fact that closer to this center, the commercial rents go higher.   In contrast, the rents further away are lower.    So if you can find a way to draw away the allure of this highly desirable space, it translates into real dollars.     How do you do it?


You stretch out along the way the historic lampposts and continue the historic brick sidewalks like arms from an octopus.       In effect, you’re drawing the visitor away from the center of town and luring them with new experiences while continuing the underlying theme of an historic seaport.


Clever businesses such as Starboard Galley and Hall & Moskow have done just that by continuing the brick walkways all the way to Federal Street and investing in colonial streetlamps.     There are a few breaks and one of them is just east of Starboard Galley and just west of the Newburyport Art Association.       Like an ugly scab, it disrupts this smooth flow of happy-spending visitors as they walk down toward the Tannery.        Worst, it lies just west of our internationally-acclaimed Lighthouse Restaurant.


Fortunately, David Hall who owns the building behind the blacktop has promised to brick the walkway and complete an unbroken brick sidewalk from Downtown to his complex.     He probably would have done it sooner except someone decided to help redecorate his commercial property!     The kind of help no one needs especially the local businesses.    Fortunately, no one was inside that side of the building and the driver just missed the busy lobby of Starboard Galley.   The city really needs to put up Newburyport Bollards or granite ones along this narrow stretch to protect buildings and the pedestrians.


-P. Preservationist



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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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