Clip a bicyclist IV I leaped for joy when I read they were going to restore the bike lane lines on our Grand Boulevard and they were going to do major patching.      My heart has skipped the beat on over a half-dozen times as cars have swerved to miss the potholes and come inches from sideswiping bicyclists.    

Walking along High Street is not for the faint of heart!

But then I also read they only have just so much money.

Yes, it may seem I’m making a feeble gesture by using “prioritize” to urge the City to do the right thing but in the realm of government and politics – sometimes things are done that defy common sense.

I watched with despair as a DPS truck the other day was very carefully putting down blacktop to help support a private contractor’s newly installed brick sidewalk.    Yes, I was VERY HAPPY to see the brick and yes, the pathway is a public way and owned by the city but I’m looking over at huge gaping potholes in the street and saying, “Hey, that private business doesn’t need your help!”

I also realize that many a taxpayer’s street is in disrepair and will be pleading to have their street paved; but I want common sense to prevail, tax money wisely used and lives saved!

Having our many visitors seeing the terrible condition of our main roads is not conducive to heritage tourism.     AND REMEMBER, THEY ARE USING THE PAID-PARKING LOTS and spending in our businesses.      This is no way to say, “Welcome to Newburyport”, and then have them focusing on the road instead of the historic homes and beautiful neighborhoods.

Then there is the cost of human lives – as I have indicated in earlier posts – it is only a matter of time with all that swerving before a bicyclist and a motorist collide and you can easily guess which one will be seriously hurt and perhaps killed.    

High Street and the Bike Lanes should be the number one priority.   It shouldn’t be a side street due to a highly-vocal taxpayer or taxpayers regardless how much they have paid into the system.

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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