I marvel and I suppose you do too when going over the Gillis Bridge during the day at the spectacular display of boats in our harbor.       It pleasingly affronts our senses.

Which has had me thinking over the last month – when did this transformation from a busy commercial port occur?

Was it gradual?

When did the boats begin to outnumber the fisherman and coal steamers?

Bill Plante reasoned today that our river entrance and harbor were categorized for recreational boating and thus ended up in a lower tier of importance when it came to Federal Funding.     

I know this may have factored in when Congress reasoned that the earmarks set aside for our jetties though supported by heavy-hitters like Kennedy, Kerry and Tierney; were nothing but pork spending.     

I think that Mr. Plante is right that more pressure should be made by the Commonwealth and a higher priority set in the State House.      The huge amount of money to maintain these boats and to support the infrastructure is truly in the multiple millions.       Enough to have attracted Steve Karp and the creation of Newburyport Development.

There is money to be made here.      I was thinking that as I was admiring the new docks at the fishing pier.    

And recreational boating is expensive.     That is what B.O.A.T. stands for – Bring Out Another Thousand!     Just about everything about them from putting gas in their tanks to their engines is pricy.

Now I am not a nautical person so I would love to hear from those who are involved in this sector of Newburyport’s economy – give us some statistical information too!

I’ll gladly post the comments.

-P. Preservationist


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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