Yahoo Town

I’ve been up in Seabrook making extra money in this spectacular summer and have been noticing how different ‘brookers are in their lifestyle.      Not only do they embrace the ‘Live Free and Die’ mantra, they genuinely express it in their bombastic behavior and in other parts of New Hampshire, it seems it’s just as infectious.

And I’m find with that.    I originally came from New Jersey – you know – they have an unusual behavior, a fascination with chain link fences, and a fetish for plastic lawn ornaments.      And it fits for so many in that region.

Even in Massachusetts, a Southie would have a hard time in Manchester by the Sea and someone from Everett or Revere would have a tough time in Cambridge or Rockport.

But you know what I don’t think is fine?

Someone from Seabrook or Somerville moving to Newburyport and thinking they can live the same as their old town.     We’re an historic seaport with ancient neighborhoods and we make our money from our wonderful mixture of aesthetics, ecology and history.    

If someone comes in thinking they can make their house look like a ‘Jersey home or someone comes in thinking they can live rambunctiously without regard to their neighbors; needs to understand the town they now live in has its own set of standards.

Upsetting the apple cart is the first no-no.      Don’t put up a concrete wall with blaring lights and be shocked when the neighbors complain.     Don’t shoot off a bottle rocket over your street and be amazed when the cops show up.    

And if you violate the appearance of your newly-acquired historic home, don’t be upset when you get hauled into the Historical Commission or the Planning Board.

YOU are coming to Newburyport and you better know there’s a difference between this city and some other place like  Haverhill or Somerville.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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