The Good Old Boy Network

The way it used to work in Newburyport – you’d have a government official who was committed to upholding the law.     Now if you wanted to get things done and bypass the law, you’d pay a certain cash amount in a designated bank and the official would look the other way.       But of course, if you were a carpetbagger or someone who really ticked the powers to be off, no amount of payoff would be good enough.      And every regulation under the sun would be pulled to ‘take care of you’.

Of course, such goings on no longer occurs in our new and fair city and those who run our regulatory departments are way too smart to pull off such a thing.

But the same attitude (not the pay offs of course) persists in many towns, in particular Newbury – the same old irregular enforcement.       Be a ‘good guy’ and play along nicely and those messy regulations from the State and the Feds just aren’t enforced.      Tick ‘em off and you’ll be buried alive by the red tape.

Now the City wants to return to the good old days.      Homeowners on Plum Island and the Ward 1 Councilor are all excited – Now we’ll get things done – a good old boy is coming to our part of the island!

Of course, the real power is in the Conservation Commission.    And as it turns out a large percentage of applications to the ConCom come from Plum Island.     

Apparently on the Newbury side of the Island, an applicant gets a property decision made, a copy goes to the applicant, a copy goes to the files and … no copy goes to the Newbury ConCom.

With that process, I see a much easier time in Newburyport especially if the good old boy gets to handle ALL OF NEWBURYPORT.

There is just one thing though: all of us who want to obey the law and do the right thing, BETTER NOT TICK HIM OFF.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Notice how Tracy Peters and Mary Reilly who tried to enforce the law have all ended up elsewhere or out in the cold.   Now you know why corrupt people tend to cling to the halls of government.     It doesn’t pay to do the right thing!


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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