Misleading Article

There has been some grumbling out there in the Greater Newburyport Area over the Daily News use of the ‘Hook’.    Trying to put some punch into their paper, this standard Journalist technique has increasingly been used lately.

The idea is to make your eyes bug-out, snap awake on a groggy morning and voraciously read the paper.

Unfortunately, most people are lazy and only catch the first third of the paragraphs.

The real truth often doesn’t get mentioned until the end causing people to snap to the wrong conclusions.

A good example is today’s Home sales figures lead to concern.

If you read the first third of the article, Newburyport is doomed.        We might as well sell as we can, close out our local bank accounts and flee.

You don’t read the truth until about half way through…

  • The first-time home buyers program of last year artificially skewed the numbers for this year.
  • The entire economy is going down nationally and across the Commonwealth, fueling decreases.

But what the truth is, that the primary concern out there is the following:

“…the concerns about whether homes purchased today will hold their value in years to come…go into the decisions to buy a home.” – Sharon Cronin, ReMax on the River.

Newburyport is an island in a sea of despair.        There will be isolated spots in a troubled Massachusetts that will buck the regional recession.        People are going to want to come to an area where the future means a secure place of stable and rising property values.

“On the optimistic side, Newburyport is a blue-chip investment, because this is a really special place where people want to live.     Real Estate is shelter, and you need a roof over your head.    If you own your home and you pay off your mortgage, it belongs to you.    That’s the benefit.”

                                      -Jerry Lischke, ‘Home Sales Figures Lead to Concern’,
                                    Newburyport Daily News, Thursday, July 28th, 2011

That is why the local historic district zoning is so important – it lays out a strong and stable path for property values.

That is why historic preservation and heritage tourism lays out our strong economic base.

Newburyport is a place to rest your money for the future.*

-P. Preservationist

* Unless some a_____s demand that we turn our backs on the future and defeat all three efforts to establish a firm economic base.


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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