It was but a dream!

I stood on the Mall this morning absolutely stunned.

Where I thought I had seen thousands of people milling about and trampling the grass underfoot; I saw a pristine park.     I searched but couldn’t find a single stray piece of paper.        Surely, human debris would be heaped about the public trash receptacles – no, each one clean as a whistle with a crisp new garbage bag lining.

Today in the Daily News, one of our new arrivals described the frenzied and very happy activities of yesterday as a fantasyland.       Apparently, as I was there too, it was but a dream.        Everywhere I looked today, I couldn’t find any hard facts that all those activities and events I saw had ever happened.

Who was responsible?

Of course I knew the answer – our dedicated Yankee Homecoming volunteers with their bright T-shirts did their best to break down the booths and staging – but even they would have left the field fallowed like a farm field after a big carnival had departed.

No, it was largely the efforts of our beleaguered* Department of Public Service employees.       Like ghosts in the night, they came, they saw and they definitely took away all traces of Olde Fashioned Sunday.

Leaving just a very fond memory and another great annotation in Yankee Homecoming’s long history.

-P. Preservationist

* Our stretched-thin, understaffed and definitely under-paid DPS.      This department is without a doubt the most under appreciated part of our city government.      These who often get ripped royally for the condition of our parks, streets and sidewalks; are truly our community super heroes.      


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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