Gathering around to watch the fight.

Sometimes to get a fight going you’ve got to push the other guy – if it doesn’t happen, push him again.     Call him names, flick ‘im in the nose – tell him his Mother wears combat boots.    Get him to snap!

Then everyone gathers about to watch the fun.

So, here it is – in the middle of August – just a bit too cool for the beach and everyone’s down after the high of Yankee Homecoming and the news from Washington.

But listen – the fight over the Central Waterfront is the best part to watch but don’t expect anything substantive to happen for FIVE YEARS.      In fact, apparently Mayor Moak was dabbling into being a prophet.     He predicted pretty parking lots and sure enough, we’re stuck with pretty parking lots.       It will take many years for the MVRTA’s parking garage project to get the design worked up, vetting it and then going onto the final construction phase.     Until it comes around, no car spaces are getting off that Waterfront.      Karp needs the parking garage so anything he does will be orbiting Titcomb Street.   The City and the citizens are watching with breathless anticipation what kind of revenue the parking fees generate.    And then there is the NRA.   Already in my short life, they have put up many plans, then shelved each of them.   Over time, the process begins again.   They put up another plan and shelve it and so on.     

Why?      To justify their existence.

So, in the meantime, gather round and find out who swings the better punch.

-P. Preservationist


About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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