Don’t take your eyes off the goal!

Remember a few posts back (for those who actually follow my comments) I spoke about the Jewish zealots who fought amongst themselves inside the walls of Jerusalem while the Romans besieged them?

Each of the four sects had the goal of establishing Jewish independence but each had their own ideas on how this would come about.     They violently attacked each other to push forth their agendas and in the end, most of them died and the few survivors became slaves.    Their goal of Jewish Independence did not occur until 1948!

So what is the moral of this story?      Their rigid ideology caused them to lose the very objective they wished to attain.

Many homeowners in the City are upset that the original concept of taking the entire Newburyport Historic District and turning it into a local historic district was abandoned.       Some are very upset and cries for petitioning their street to be included is being heard all over the City.     Heck, I’m upset that the original idea was abandoned.      That’s why I have left the online petition on my website – I’ve done nothing to promote it because I didn’t want to make an aggressive move which could short-circuit the objective:


My original goal as soon as the study committee came out of their closet, was to re-push the petition.     In fact, I won’t change the wording – we need more signatures and more brave citizens to join in pushing the original idea.

But I don’t want anyone to think that we will get mad at the committee and storm off!       These brave souls stuck with it and carried the water for four years.     They came face to face with allies and the opposition and had to do the negotiating and the tough work of diplomacy and political work.      Granted they did not seek support and left the CEB, the Trust and others out in the cold wondering what they were doing but they finished the work.

Regardless how we feel about it, now they have presented a fine package to the City.      Let’s throw resentment out the door.     Our disagreements are petty and won’t be understood by a host of disinterested citizens who need to understand the benefits of an LHD and why it is so important for Newburyport’s future.

I assure you, the Romans (Evil developers, self-serving  property owners and yes, a few dark siders) have us surrounded and are drooling at the potential loot called Newburyport.

Let’s stop the bickering and man the walls!

-P. Preservationists

About P. Preservationist

Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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