The Final Word on the NRA, Paid Parking & The Waterfront


A rough video from the 70’s but it makes the point and so appropriate for Newburyport.

An appropriate indictment for those who seek to ‘build, build, build’.      And poses the big question for the next five years,


-P. Preservationist


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3 Responses to The Final Word on the NRA, Paid Parking & The Waterfront

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Considering the question hasn’t changed in the last five years, why will the next five be different?

  2. Perhaps you hit the wrong button on the keyboard and sent this comment to me by mistake.

    It aught to be posed to Tom Salemi who seems to be influenced by the idea that the NRA will actually take action.

    If the NRA, a semi-autonomous entity wants to build on the Waterfront, I would like to see them make the attempt. The public be damned! At least they would have a plan and stick to it.

    They have always wanted to build along Merrimac from the Visitor’s Booth to the entrance to the Waterfront Trust’s area – in effect, build a streetscape. But what has happened in the past has been opposition from the open-waterfront crowd not just against buildings but to obstructions as viewed from Green Street & Merrimac.

    But the real fact is, they must first convince a developer out there who is willing to clean up the Brownfields and build a building or two – considering the way Roger Foster was treated and the torment over Lot 8 – we need someone who has deep pockets and was born yesterday!

  3. Okay, I lied about the final word on the Waterfront!

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