Newburyport is for doing!

It constantly amazes me that people will spend a fortune to travel to amazing places and then they will just ‘sit there’ by the pool having drinks served to them.

I have traveled to exotic places like Belize, Costa Rica and St. Lucia.*    I have been to London and Paris.*   These are not places to sit around by the pool!        Each destination is chocked full of exciting things to experience!     If getting a drink by the pool is your thing – heck save yourself some money – sit by the YWCA or the Lattitude pools and cry for a waiter.      Knock your socks off!

Now around here, we have but one hotel that is specifically designed for pool sitting, Blue.    For the rest of the B&B’s and Inns, we have too much going on to be sitting around!       People say Newburyport is beautiful aren’t just talking about the Downtown.       We have a drop-dead harbor that beats anything Boston or Salem has. (Okay, Gloucester cheats with big rocks and shockingly-beautiful beaches.)    We have the Great Marsh and Plum Island.  We have so much to see and do that any smart visitor will need to make a list before they come.    It still amazes me that we don’t get more multi-stay tourists.       

If I were to set it up like I did for Belize and London – I would be in a whirl-wind of fun.

-P. Preservationist

* You may say, “Ha, and you call yourself Poor!   I have been to twice as many places as I have listed above and done it with a shoe-string budget.    For example, I found out that ‘locals’ in the U.K. use very cheap plane & train trips not published in the U.S.- did some contortions and took a side trip for a fraction of the cost.         In St. Lucia, found a hotel for $100 a day (complete with meals) and during the day, they shuttle you down to spend the day at resorts where guest stay for $1200 a night!  I did find out that laying on a beach surrounded by the wealthy proves that the rich sunburn too!     Ah, I could regale great tips if this was a blog on travelling! 


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Dedicated to the Enrichment & Preservation of Newburyport
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